Anita Rowland's 1998 SIFF  Reviews

Anita Rowland is a Microsoft contractor, filmgoer and online journal keeper. She writes daily reviews of every SIFF movie she sees, for that matter she reviews her real life too.

Here is a complete index to Anita's movie reviews:

Doing Time for patsy cline

shooting fish

The last days of disco

I loved the last days of Disco!

Kiki's Delivery Service


Mr Jealousy

The Opposite of Sex

Both Mr Jealousy and the Opposite of Sex were great fun! Kiki was better than I expected, too!

Secret Festival

Who the Hell is Juliette?


Amor Vertical

Amor vertical has some funny moments, but goes on too long.

Voyage to the Beginning of the World

Reno Finds her Mom


Buffalo '66

I really enjoyed Buffalo '66! Vincent Gallo writes, acts, directs, and Christina Ricci is also good.

God Said, "Ha!"

Girl With Hyacinths

See the Sea

I loved God Said Ha, and it wins the prize for most punctuation within a title. I disliked See the Sea, esp. the ending, and the mother was quite unbelievable to me.

Dear Jesse

War Zone

Love Tangles

War Zone was very interesting! what a brave film maker (the war is the war between the sexes, not bosnia). Love tangles is a light french sex comedy.

Dirty: This canadian movie plays once more at the festival: Saturday may 30, 6:30 pm, Broadway performance hall.

I really liked this! it was developed in Mike Leigh style, a script written after the actors improvised and rehearsed quite a bit. there is explicit sex and some (mild, I think) D&S scenes [Ed: this means Dominance and Submission]. I was surprised by the attitudes of the director and cast towards the characters. I think I thought more positively about them than they did!


Fiber Optics


Of these, I liked Dirty the best.

Idiot's Delight -- shorts

Adam & Eva

Adam & Eva is not bad. I wonder if it is possible to make a movie about a couple that meets cute and breaks up later, without having it be reminiscent of Annie Hall?

Waco: the Rules of Engagement

Things I left in Havana

Smoke Signals


Smoke signals was very good indeed! The producer of Waco hurt his case every time he opened his mouth in the post-film Q&A, but it's an interesting movie.

secret festival

The File of Anna Akhmatova

Gods and Monsters

Gods and Monsters I liked a lot! Ian McKellan and brendan fraser were both good. The File was *THE WORST*! like being nibbled to death by ducks. Do you know a lot about russian poets of the 20th century? you might get something out of it then.


I seem to have a taste for australian dramas on the dark and quirky side

The Well
An Australian drama (or thriller?). Hester, living on a cattle station with her elderly father, befriends Kathy, a younger woman brought in to work there. The consequences of reckless driving change the situation drastically. I liked this quite a lot! Both Pamela Rabe and Miranda Otto (last seen in
Love Serenade <052997.html> at last year's festival) are excellent.


The Well

Backroads is a charming spanish road movie about a boy and his con man father. The well is a dark Australian thriller/drama. I liked them both!

The Children of Heaven

Long Twilight

I was not in the mood for the grim, nightmarish Long Twilight. I'd have enjoyed it more another time, I think. Children of Heaven was sweet, charming.

My Secret Cache

The Red Door

My Secret Cache was the funniest movie so far in the festival! The Red Door, Indian, is a grim story about a dentist with a failed marriage. Symbolic, repetitive.

Manly Love

Nice comedy from Spain. I think you could program a whole mini-festival of the "mostly-gay social group with one het woman" theme.

Relax...It's Just Sex

Under Heaven

I talked to someone on Sunday who could not keep "relax..." separated from Manly love in his mind. Both have similar themes, though Relax has a darker side and is in English. Under heaven I liked a lot!

The Last Bus Home

The Sugar Factory

The Sugar factory pleased me quite a bit. I couldn't buy the male lead in the last bus home as leader of a punk rock band. He was more petulant than angry

Secret Fest #3

Henry Fool

Cousin Bette

I *loved* henry fool, but I like Hal Hartley's stuff. Like Whit Stillman, he has a very distinctive style. I was very pleasantly surprised by secret fest 3.

When Trumpets Fade

I saw this yesterday at a press screening. I think it impressed me most of any film I saw yesterday! It's a gory and violent WWII story, but I was riveted even though that's not my usual thing.

It plays Friday, June 12 7:15 pm at the egyptian, and Sunday june 14 6:30 pm at the harvard exit.

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