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Biographical Information

January 2004
Married to a wonderful woman, Naomi Weiss, originally from Portland OR. Wedding and other details pending.
September 1989
Joined the Systems Division at Microsoft. It's been a wild ride! Please don't ask me for technical support, that's not my job.
June 1989
MS Computer Science, Stanford University. Yes, like Doctor Science, I know more than you do ... because I have a Master's Degree ... in Science!
June 1988
BS Computer Systems Engineering, Stanford University
June 1983
Graduated Phillips Exeter Academy, as preppy as it gets (but it didn't take)
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Personal Interests

I'm not much of a cook but I have a few killer recipes, check out Guacamole, Aunt Gertie's Noodle Kugel and Other Recipes.
I have learned some East Coast Swing and Lindy Hop. I haven't been out dancing for a while but I plan to get back to it soon!
Hiking and Skiing
Seattle is a great place if you enjoy the outdoors. Sure it rains, but hey, I'm waterproof! Contact me for more information on The Wandering Jews, a mellow hiking club (i.e. not the Mountaineers) of mostly Jews, mostly in their twenties and thirties.
Jewish Renewal
My family is non-observant, but I have been exploring this side of my heritage with the support of my congregation, Congregation Eitz Or.
The Seattle International Film Festival (or SIFF) is, in my humble opinion, the greatest film festival in the whole world (so there). I review everything, check out Movie Reviews. I have a series pass every year, so if you are reading this between mid-May and early June, you'll know where to find me. Here are my evaluations of the movie theaters in the Seattle area. And check out the fledgling web page for Fool Serious, the absolutely unofficial organization of SIFF full series pass holders.
Recreational Computing
Sure, I play computer games, so sue me. I'm always up for a game of the latest multiplayer hits (except third-person shooters, they make me motion-sick).
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Contact Information

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Comments and Suggestions

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Last revised: July 05, 2004.